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Honoka Sakurai (桜井 萌果 Sakurai Honoka?) is the tritagonist of the series. She met Yamato Akitsuki because of an incident that happened in their childhood at her family’s shrine which Yamao often visited. Ever since, Honoka has had a crush on him, but was too shy to talk to him until they began attending high school together.


Hair: Long Black hair
Gender: Female
Relationships: Yamato Akitsuki (Ex-Boyfriend) Suzuka Asahina (Rival) Nana (best friend)

Honoka eventually manages to confess to Yamato and when she does they begin dating, but their relationship doesn't last longer than a month because of Yamato's lingering feelings for Suzuka and her own insecurities. After realizing that Yamato does not hold her in his heart the way she wants him too, Honoka begins to encourage Suzuka to stop hiding her feelings for him and to move on to the future where a relationship between the two of them is inevitable. Honoka became a model later in life. Suzuka and Yamato's relationship was on and off which gave Honoka another chance to win Yamato over however Yamato took this as a joke and gave her the message that she wasn't in his heart. Honoka later began dating a co-worker though she remained close friends with Yamato and Suzuka over the years and was even invited to their wedding.


Honoka is a shy, clumsy but devoted person. As a child she enjoyed playing around the shrine her family cared for. One day, as she was playing with a bell, she dented it and began to worry about how she would be able to fix it. Yamato, who frequented he area, noticed Honoka crying and fixed the bell for her, putting it back in its place. Honoka remarks that she began to have feelings for Yamato because of this event. Honoka doesn't tend to speak up when she's angry or when she's intimidated. The only scenes in the series where she speaks up were when Yamato forced himself on her when the two were alone and secondly when Suzuka ran from Yamato. Honoka managed to convince her to go back to him yelling how she felt about Yamato. Honoka is kind, sweet, and lady-like. She is a hard worker as well, caring for the track team as best she can as the manager and caretaker of the shrine where her family lives near.